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  • The Modernised MVTV 2.2 Vehicle Acquires a 2013 Annual ACRI Award


    The Association of Czech Railway Industry (ACRI) held the Railway Forum on 22nd May, 2014 at Zofin in Prague. There, Bedrich Bulicka, the Strategy and Project Director, was presented with the 2013 Annual ACRI Award in the “Railway Vehicles” category for the complete modernisation of the MVTV 2.2 vehicle for the control and maintenance of contact lines.

    An independent jury of expert judges appraised the modernisation project of the special railway vehicle for the control and maintenance of contact lines on mainline and sidings with a gauge of 1 435 mm. The main advantage of this modernisation is the change from the original hydrodynamic transmission to electric transmission with both axles driven. This change brought about increased power and reliability of the power drive, improvement of the vehicle’s traction and operational qualities, increased comfort and safety for the crew, decreased fuel consumption and operational expenses and last but not least, enables an increased maximum speed of 90km/h. The vehicle fulfils the EU Stage IIIB emission limits due to the utilised SCR technology, where a ceramic catalyser is installed into the exhaust system. This, in combination with AdBlue injection, converts nitrogen oxides into harmless nitrogen and water. In addition, interior alterations have improved the crew’s work place and sanitary facilities. The new design of the cabinets allow for more spacious and air conditioned service member rooms with up-to-date driver consoles and a distinctly wider view. The installation of the new elevating and rotating platform grant a wider range of usage during maintenance and repair of not only the contact lines.
    This prestigious prize was awarded for the seventh time by the Association of the Czech Railway Industry sponsored by both the Ministry of Transportation and the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Czech Republic.
    “I highly appreciate receiving this annual ACRI award. I perceive it as a confirmation of CZ LOKO’s decision to intensely develop its special railway vehicle portfolio being the right one,” said Bedrich Bulicka, the Strategy and Project Director, at the annual ACRI award ceremony.